This is Norengros Kjosavik

Norengros Kjosavik’s main office is located in Kanalvegen 5, Forus. Here you will find a 15 800 sqm warehouse and logistics department, making us able to keep a large amount of products in stock and ensures quick delivery.

We are a part of Norengros AS, Norway’s largest supplier of consumer goods. Norengros AS consists of 13 local wholesalers distributed strategically around the country. This gives us the best rates in all product groups when negotiating on behalf of a total turnover of €370M in 2018. In addition, we can offer an extensive range of 40 000 products, which allows us to be a full-range supplier of consumer goods and equipment.

Product range

Norengros Kjosavik offers a wide range of products, both in assortment and quality. Our product range is as follow:

  • Office supplies
  • Packaging
  • Professional housekeeping
  • Furnitures
  • Medical supplies and equipment

Our sales department consists of several consultants that have relevant education and background within their field. For instance, our Medical supplies Team have nurses in their sales team, and our Professional housekeeping & Commercial Kitchen Team have professional cleaners and trained chefs as a part of the team.

lastebilService and logistics

Deliveries to our customers are solely provided by Norengros’ own transportation services. In our logistics department you will find 11 trucks and 6 vans, and 15 experienced drivers. High level of service, close contact with our customers and high delivery performance are top priorities at Norengros Kjosavik. This service and logistics quality has been an important part of our ISO 9:001 certification.

Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility

Norengros Kjosavik is certified according to the ISO 14:001 standard. This certification has ensured internal routines and procedures concerning environmental issues. This includes waste management, use of electricity and heat, training of drivers concerning eco-friendly driving as well as reduction of consumption. In our packing and shipping routines we re-use packaging/boxes to a large extent, as long as we cover the products requirements to insulation/absorption and similar.

Eco-labelling of products has been a focus area for Norengros Kjosavik for the past years. This has resulted in a great increase of eco-labelled products in our assortment. These products are marked in our catalogues and web shop to ease our customer’s process of choosing eco-friendly alternatives.

Supplier to Norengros Kjosavik?

asbjørn_kundeObtaining close and long term collaborations with our suppliers are among our top priorities. Do you see Norengros Kjosavik as an interesting collaborator? Do not hesitate to contact our purchasing department.

Supplier enquiries may be directed to Our purchasing department can also be reached via phone, +47 51 88 75 00.

For general enquiries please contact our Customer service at and/or +47 51 88 75 00.